professionalism also passes from the tools used... scissors.

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On this site you will find the best professional scissors made by hairdressers for hairdressers able to combine the excellent quality of materials, the best Japanese steels, and design with the right price. Our range, which follows the line of the renowned Japanese school, ranges from toothed scissors to scissors to prune, then through the vast world of scissors for precision cutting, to allow you to make any kind of hairstyle, up to the scissors to parade the hair. The professional hairdressing scissors are ergonomically designed and are highly compatible with the anatomical features of the hand-arm system. A study a few years ago showed that hairdressers are exposed to the specific diseases of work directly attributable to the use of inappropriate tools. Although standing for a long time (with the increase in static stress), it is part of the work of hairdressers, it has been highlighted that the use of comb and scissors leads to the development of varicose veins in direct relation to the use of scissors for hairdressers not Ergonomic. In order to avoid horizontal lines in the neck area, a hairdresser must hold the scissors for hairdressers for cutting surfaces in a vertical position. Due to the limited movement of the hand in the dorsal direction, the hairdresser usually has to bend backwards to keep the angle of the elbow constant. As a result, almost all the weight of the body is resting on one leg, this leads to reduced blood circulation in the calf area due to the static position. In the long run, the increase in static pressure in this region of the body is detrimental to the flow of blood through the veins as well as the shape of the veins so that varicose are a plausible consequence. If a hairdresser grabs the scissors with thumb and ring finger of the hand that is in front of the customer and especially uses the thumb dynamically during the cut, it follows that the blade of the scissors that is used with the thumb must be reduced by to allow natural movement to the middle finger. In addition, the shape and size of the ring finger and thumb should be blared on the size of those fingers. We offer a wide choice of professional scissors for hairdressers designed for the most demanding and outgoing hairdressers.

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